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"Most of us look at sales backward. We may see it as convincing people to do something that they don’t want to do. But it isn’t; it’s about learning what people do what to do and helping them do that. Or, we may think it’s about taking advantage of others- while in fact, it’s about giving other people more advantage.

But the biggest inversion of all, the greatest upside-down misconception about sales, is that it is an effort to get something from others. The truth is that sales at its best – that is, at its most effective – is exactly the opposite: it is about giving.

Selling is giving: giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value. In fact, the word sell comes from the Old English word, sellan, which means “to give.”

What makes a great salesperson great at sales is that he or she is wholeheartedly interested in the other person. Genuinely great salespeople are not great because they have mastered “the close,” or because they give a dazzling presentation, or because they could shoot holes in any customer objection from fifty paces. They are great because they create a vast and spreading sphere of goodwill wherever they go. They enrich, enhance, and add value to people’s lives. They make people happier.

Remember, regardless of what your particular product or service is, people are drawn to your because of how you make them feel." ~Bob Burg & John David Mann~ 


  • Sandi Pressley
    Image of Sandi Pressley
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-980-2999

    A Realtor since 1979 and a proud native of Albuquerque, Sandi has listed and sold more homes than any other agent in all of New Mexico. Her dedication and commitment has enabled her to help over 11,500 families in buying and selling their homes. As a native of Albuquerque, Sandi Pressley has been dedicated to serving her client's real estate needs for over 40 years.  Sandi has achieved a goal unprecedented by any other Realtor of being the #1 Top Producing Realtor for 33 consecutive years in all of Albuquerque as well as the entire state of New Mexico.  She is also the #1 Top Producing Realtor for the entire Western Region with Coldwell Banker National. Sandi understands the fundamental importance of credibility and honesty in fulfilling client needs, building success and delivering results. Sandi has the ability to quickly respond to the rapidly changing real estate market through innovative and effective marketing techniques. Since her association with Coldwell Banker Legacy, Sandi has been certified as a Previews Property Specialist. This certification is held by only 5% of Coldwell Banker agents Nationwide, and is evidence that Sandi has special training and considerable experience in marketing exceptional properties. Sandi is personally committed to putting her proven sales strategies and extensive experience to work for her clients. She proudly works in all price ranges and geographic areas throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding counties.


    We want to say congratulations to Sandi Pressley for once again making the Wall Street Journal as one of Coldwell Banker's top teams internationally! Way to go, and way to represent!

    Joe Gilmore and Mike Carter

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  • Darryl Adamson
    Licensed Broker
    Image of Darryl Adamson
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-401-7202

    GM & Sandi’s Husband.

    Darryl brings over 25 years of business management to the team. He has a Bachelors Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and dual Bachelors in Business Administration & Management. Prior to joining the Sandi Pressley Team he was VP of Operations at Nambe located in Santa Fe, NM 


    In 2005 he completed the coursework and passed the exam to become a New Mexico Real Estate Broker. Since that time he has served as the General Manager for the Sandi Pressley Team.


    Although real estate is a much different environment than his previous one, he has really enjoyed being involved in bringing new systems & innovations to the SP Team. His commitment is to always have available to the team the “absolute best” tools so we can provide our clients with the “absolute best” customer care.


    Darryl & Sandi’s life are blessed by 5 adult children, (which include twin girls) and 7 grandchildren. Darryl loves photography, which he now uses in real estate shooting virtual tours and special projects. He has also been a runner for many years and has completed the St. George, Ut. Marathon 14 times, although a half marathon is his longest now and his run is more of a shuffle…... 

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  • Cheryl Grey
    Business Manager/Associate Broker
    Image of Cheryl Grey
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-271-6354

    Business Manager

    Cheryl Grey has been a member of the Sandi Pressley Team since 2001, and is also an associate broker.  Her position focuses on the administrative responsibilities and management of Sandi’s real estate business, along with her other corporate entities.  

    In 1990 Cheryl relocated to New Mexico from her home state of Southern California where she was in the construction estimating field.  She and her husband relocated to New Mexico for a small business opportunity, and to start their family.  Cheryl made a career move in 1997 to the non-profit industry. She become a successful fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and eventually the District Director for the New Mexico market.  She found that working in the non-profit industry proved to be invaluable both professionally and personally. Cheryl has brought her multi-faceted background to the Sandi Pressley Team which has enabled her to provide the necessary business management skills to Sandi’s real estate business, as well as her other various business endeavors.

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  • Alethea Beecher
    Associate Broker
    Image of Alethea Beecher
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-271-6356

    Sales & Closing Manager


    Alethea began her Real Estate career over 20 years ago and most of these years have proudly been spent in the service of her mentor and dear friend Real Estate dynamo, Sandi Pressley, helping her and her team reach new heights of success!  Alethea is a Realtor and Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Legacy and works hand in hand with Sandi, the team and joined by her very own lovely daughter Alison together managing all of the team’s transactions from contract through closing.  These collaborative relationships add a very cohesive and dynamic element to our fine tuned processes.  Alethea provides a wealth of knowledge from overseeing thousands of Real Estate transactions over the years and offers the trust and dedication that our clients and customers appreciate and deserve.  “It is so fulfilling to be a source of calm and reason, and the voice of experience to help folks make good choices for their family and future when it comes to their important personal real estate decisions.”  Alethea is an Albuquerque Native devoted to her family, profession and other worthy adventures.  She believes that life should be lived with integrity and enthusiasm and this is evident in every aspect of her life.  Alethea is very proud to be a compliment to such a dynamic team of associates.


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  • Sandee Modica
    Listing Assistant
    Image of Sandee Modica
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-271-6329

    Listing Assistant

    Sandee has lived in Albuquerque for over 40 years.  She had started her working career in the title company business for 14 years where she learned a lot about the title company’s end of the Real Estate Business.  She proudly joined the Sandi Pressley Team in August of 2008. Sandee is providing excellent support to all areas of the team, and learning more about Real Estate including the SP systems every day.

    Sandee enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.

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  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Listing Manager
    Image of Michelle Rodriguez
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-271-6357

    Michelle Rodriguez, licensed since 1997, exemplifies interpersonal communication skills. Highly motivated, Michelle exhibits strong organizational skills and is capable of handling a diversity of responsibility simultaneously.

    Michelle strongly believes and maintains a philosophy as to treat all as Michelle would want to be treated: And so Michelle treats every person like a member of her family.

    Enthusiastically, Michelle has worked with Sandi and The Elite Sandi Pressley Team since 2000; working as Sandi Licensed Listing Manager, Michelle has been involved in every aspect of the Team-from working with Sellers and Buyers on all platforms of a transaction enabling Michelle to create strong relationships while managing many contracts.

    Michelle maintains the utmost perfection in customer care and can be reached at 505-271-6357. 

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  • Alison Beecher
    Closing Assistant
    Image of Alison Beecher
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-271-6334

    Alison Beecher joined the Sandi Pressley Team in May of 2013 and proudly works side by side with her mother Alethea Beecher Sandi's Sales & Closing Manager.  The two work together on all of the Sandi Pressley Team transactions from contract through closing.  Alison was born and raised here in Albuquerque and has known Sandi all of her life and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her and her #1 team.

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  • Arny Katz
    Associate Broker
    Image of Arny Katz
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-850-3223

    Senior Buyer Specialist

    Arny joined the SP team over 7 years ago and is Sandi’s Senior Associate Broker.  He brings with him 28 yrs of business and professional expertise….and a quick approach to good common sense investing and the sensitivity when purchasing your own personal home whether it is the first home or one of many….He is quick to see the parallels between a good choice, sound financial decisions, and the emotional connection that drives many decisions. He has been providing the coaching and direction to many satisfied clients….He compliments his  life with a wonderful Wife, 4 adult children, 5 grandchildren(two sets of twins and an 11 yr old) a Westie…Loves cycling, reading and fine dining…..

    “We met Arny through the official visitors guide and Sandi’s website. He went above and beyond what any agent would do for us…He was extremely professional, fast, and knowledgeable of his area of expertise, smart, nice and a pleasure to be around. He held our hand before, during and after the process….He answered all of our questions, and told us what was coming up next. He always had us prepared and ready for the next step –and took care of everything. We love Arny and highly recommend him and your company.” Brenda Jenkins 08.04.06

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  • Meredith Stumpf
    Image of Meredith Stumpf
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 504-415-0883

    Two words describe Meredith’s approach to real estate – “Perpetual Motion!”  Working full time at her profession, Meredith is dedicated to exceeding her customers’ expectations.  After 11 years in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho communities, her knowledge and experience are her most valuable assets. She uses her insights to introduce individuals and families to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and expertly guides them through their real estate transactions. Having relocated with her family several times throughout the country, she relates to her customers needs:

    For Buyers: Providing area information on neighborhoods, new home communities, schools, sports, recreational activities, communicating market trends, and sending listings via email are some of her customers’ most important needs.

    For Sellers: Pricing, timing, staging, marketing, negotiating, advice on preparing a home for sale, showing feedback, and market analysis are some of her customers’ top priorities.

    Meredith specializes in relocation, residential resale, new home construction, and investment properties. She is dedicated to providing her clients with full service and results.

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  • Kimberly Umbrage
    Image of Kimberly Umbrage
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-600-5688

    My name is Kimberly Umbrage. I'm proud to be a third generation realtor in Albuquerque, NM. I worked for my family's real estate business with my Grandfather, aunts and uncles. Being involved at a young age with our family business taught me not only how to interact and observe, it also taught me to treasure family, the importance of exceptional customer service, hard work and loyalty. 

    I am energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable.

    The customer's needs and concerns are my number one priority. My goal is to be available to my customers and to work with their best interest in mind at all times.

    There is no place on earth quite like Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owning property here is a great privilege.  I have bought and sold many of my own properties here in Albuquerque. Consequently, I have a keen knowledge of the Albuquerque metro market and the local "know-how" to help you make the best possible decisions. 

    My extensive background in building, design and home staging help me better serve my clients on their home purchase or sale. I use my experience to see all of the possibilities.

    I will listen to your needs and work extra hard to make sure your real estate transaction is efficient and a success. I would love to earn your business, so call me anytime at 505-600-5688.

    I’m married and the mother of two adult children, John and James. I’m an Albuquerque native in love with the culture, recreational and social opportunities provided here.

    In my spare time I do hot yoga, spend time on the golf course with my husband, and spend as much time with my boys as possible (one lives in Denver). I enjoy traveling, and adore my two small rescue dogs.

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  • Christa Hamburger
    Buyer Specialists
    Image of Christa Hamburger
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-822-1124

    Christa Hamburger is a native of New Mexico and loves life in the sunny southwest!  She enjoys being out in the great New Mexico outdoors while camping, hiking and bicycling and just loves to meet all the friendly people in and around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.  As a graduate of the University of New Mexico and former Lobos cheerleader, you can imagine that Christa is a big fan of the Lobos!  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, serving in her Church and volunteering in her community.  Christa would be glad to help you with any of your real estate needs whether providing excellent market information and service for your listing or helping find your dream home in here in the greater Albuquerque area.

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  • Becca Owen
    Associate Broker
    Image of Becca Owen
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-362-4266

    Why did I choose to become a Realtor?  I guess you could say that real estate is in my blood!  My mom was a broker for 20 years, and my grandfather owned his own real estate company in Texas.  I’ve grown up around this career and have seen first-hand how a trusted Realtor can help make the home buying & selling process easier and more stress-free.  As a Multi-Million Dollar producer, I love connecting with people and helping them through this exciting process.   

    Living in the Land of Enchantment is my dream come true. I love the outdoors and everything that Albuquerque offers.  We are a fabulous city and I’m excited to show you everything that we have to offer.  Proud to be your trusted advisor in real estate, I specialize in everything from luxury real estate to the first-time homebuyer.  With the Sandi Pressley Team at Coldwell Banker Legacy, I look forward to earning your business and building a tradition of trust and a vision for your life. Welcome Home!

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  • Tori Duckett
    Buyer Specialists
    Image of Tori Duckett
    10400 Academy Rd. NE Suite 100
    NM 87111 US

    Phone: 505-610-8268

    Eternally optimistic and loyal!

    Tori's friendly and professional approach makes her a natural in the business. She understands buying and selling a home is a unique experience for each client. Tori leads her clients through the entire process with the highest level of service and follow through possible. Tori relies on her commitment to building personal relationships, expertise, focus on client empowerment, area familiarity, negotiation skills to make her clients feel comfortable and confident when making a decision. Tori looks forward to achieving success for each and every client.

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