Good Monday Morning!

As most of you know my weekly e-mail typically is about the local Real Estate market. My message today is about a subject that is very close to home for many of us. It is about TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. I have children who all have cell phones and over the years I have watched as their primary source of communication among each other and friends has converted to texting. In fact I would say that a couple of my kids and many of their friends are what I would call text addicts. Constant text communication has become a way of life with most young people in this country and now even with many adults. The following video is one that each one of you should watch and then watch it again with your kids. Even if your child does not text, they may ride in a car with someone who does. Pass this video on. It may save many lives.

Have An Awesome Week!





Warmest Regards,

Sandi Pressley