When your home is starting to feel not like home, it might be best to change your scenery. But is it better to sell or to remodel?

After a few years, a home can start to show signs of wear and tear. Color schemes, furniture and decorative styles start to look outdated, and sometimes you must put off certain renovations as a new homeowner that a more settled homeowner could easily afford to do.

Some factors like lower interest rates and an improving economy are in your favor, so you’ll have a chance to get back whatever you spend on improving your home if you end up selling. The question is, if you were able to renovate your home like you wanted, would you be willing to stay in it for a few more years? Or would a complete change be better?

When you start, put together the right team. Unless you’re moving walls or pouring new foundations, you probably don’t need an architect. Finding a good contractor, a kitchen planner and an interior designer might be a good start. You may want to talk with your lender to learn how much you’ll be allowed to borrow as well as whether the current market value will support the renovation.

As you’re putting all of this together, you may find more work that needs to be addressed you hadn’t expected. Plan ahead for problems so your budget and your contractor don’t suffer the consequences.

Before making the decision to renovate your home, make sure you can get what you want within the budget you’ve set, and that you’d be happy with the results for at least a few years.

If you’re not completely sure renovation is the option for you, talk to your real estate professional. Let your agent know you are considering remodeling, but that you’re also open to finding a new home. Your agent might be able to find a few homes for sale that have the size, finishes and features you’re looking for. After viewing a few homes you should have a better grasp of what you want and what you’re looking for.

You and your agent can also discuss selling your home. Your agent will create a comparative market analysis of homes like yours that have both been sold and put on the market recently so you can judge what you could gain from selling your home. From this list you’ll also learn how long you can expect your house to be on the market and if other sellers are getting the prices they set. You and your agent and discuss a price range based on your home’s location and its current condition.

Keep in mind that markets have their ups and downs so what your agent shows you is only a glimpse of what is true today. If you are happy with where your home sits among the competition, then it could be a good time to list.

Whether you are selling your home or remodeling there will be lots of disorder in your home. You’ll have to either open your home up to buyers, or let workers in and out. But the sacrifice can be worth it if you’re happy on the other side.

If you think selling your home is the option for you, contact The Sandi Pressley Team.