When it comes to selling a home, curb appeal is everything. So if your driveway is showing its age, it can deal a fairly big blow to that appeal. Driveways can technically be functional for decades, but eventually need to be replaced. Your driveway is a major feature of your home that you should look at when selling a home and deciding what needs to be repaired or replaced.


Cracks always form in a driveway over the years. A number of factors can make them worse, such as leaking gas, oil, or other chemicals.

Small cracks can be repaired as they appear. Yet larger cracks that are long or wide may show signs of more serious damage. If you have a tree near the driveway, the roots may be growing underneath and compromising the pavement. In this case you may even need to remove the tree to prevent further damage.

If you decide to make your own repairs, bear in mind that the repairs will be darker than the surrounding driveway, which also will take away from the curb appeal.


Potholes are the next level of driveway damage to deal with. Potholes can do more damage than cracks, taking a toll on your cars.

Potholes can form when the ground beneath the drive expands and contracts. Over time, the driveway material starts to weaken and give way, forming a pothole.

Potholes can be repaired, but it won't solve the problem long term of the ground underneath contracting and expanding and making the pothole appear again.

Replacing your driveway is really the best solution in this case, especially for an older driveway. Newer materials are made to withstand these issues better than the driveway materials that were used decades ago.

Rough Appearance

The weather will always take its toll on the appearance of a driveway. Both the rain and the sun can cause damage, oxidize the surface, causing the color to fade.

To fix this, you could try applying concrete or asphalt sealant, which can help to restore the original look. But if the durability of the driveway has been affected, it’s best to go with a total replacement.

Lack of Resealing

If you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, it should be resealed every two or three years to prevent if from breaking and cracking. If this hasn't been done, you may need to replace your driveway if too many cracks have formed.

Past its Prime

Most driveways are past their prime after about 15-20 years. After that much time, your driveway may be suffering from all of these problems mentioned. At this point, repairs are also less likely to be effective.

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